Equity Cities is a regional catalyst for inclusive workforce development.

The Challenge

Work is changing. Traditional regional workforce systems are not organized to be responsive to employer and job seeker needs with decision-making being fragmented across jurisdictions, industries, employers, and institutions. The result is a reliance on conventional solutions that unknowingly perpetuate the inequities attempting to be solved for.

The Opportunity

A new vision for regional workforce systems steered by a diverse coalition of employers, government agencies, and education institutions. It includes a shared plan for inclusive workforce development that is responsive to real-time employer and job seeker needs. And it results in innovative solutions that create prosperity for all.

Our Story

In 2019 the Strada Education Network invested in a regional workforce pilot whereby the City of Atlanta and United Negro College Fund used skills-based analytics reports from Emsi to inform reskilling and upskilling strategies across the Atlanta region, with an emphasis on Black job seekers. A study on the implications of the Atlanta project, including the development of three additional regional case studies related to inclusive workforce development resulted in a profound and simple case for change.

In order for regions to grow in both prosperity and justice, they would need new ways of identifying and valuing the skills within the pre-existing workforce, in particular among those without traditional degrees. 

Incubated within Strada Education Network, Equity Cities is an independent team of seasoned commercial and governmental leaders that partners with regional coalitions of employers, education institutions, and community leaders to build equitable talent ecosystems.

Our Approach

We enable regional inclusive workforce development in support of Equity Cities around the world.


We connect regional coalitions of employers, educators, and community leaders building sustainable and inclusive talent marketplaces.


We mobilize investments and partnerships to support cities and regions creating positive impact for people, organizations, and economies.


We develop customized technology and data solutions to inform and design systems that fit individual communities.


We are helping cities transform into Equity Cities of the future through proven inclusion, diversity, innovation, and collaboration strategies.

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